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EXCLUSIVE! – E.T. Game on E.T. Ride

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We here at PopRewind.com have blown our budget on many unnecessary expenses over the years, from the Last Action Hero pinball game in the lobby to Mighty Max toy display in the break room, and even that ten foot Honey, I Blew Up the Kid poster in the bathroom.  Despite these amazing past purchases, we really feel we’ve outdone our own pointless budget wasting as we approach the end of the 2014 fiscal year.

The accountants informed us there was just enough money in the use-it-or-lose-it fund to fund the following expenditures:

  • One roll of expired high ISO film
  • Repairs to our hand-me-down 35mm Minolta SLR camera
  • Travel to Orlando, Florida
  • Two tickets to Universal Studios Florida amusement park
  • One used copy of E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial for the Atari 2600

With these items in hand, we made it our mission to document E.T. the game on E.T. Adventure the ride.  Here is photographic evidence that at least one time since it first launched in 1990, the infamous Atari game with the same namesake has been a passenger aboard E.T. Adventure.

Below, the E.T. cart anxiously awaits a ride as it stops to pose in front of the E.T. Adventure entrance.  Two of the three E.T. Adventure rides at Universal Studios parks have closed.  Universal Studios Florida is currently the only park operating E.T. Adventure.

Here, the E.T. cart prepares for its epic journey through the queue for the ride.  It takes a moment to note the style of garbage can found primarily at Florida amusement parks.


The E.T. cart braces itself for the next phase of the ride entrance.  Just beyond those doors, Steven Spielberg himself (via a video monitor) will welcome passengers aboard E.T. Adventure!


After a close encounter with Mr. Spielberg, the cart needs a minute to collect itself.  It stops in a hallway filled with photos from the movie, gazing up at the photo that inspired the cover art for the game.


Inside the building is yet another line, though this time it is an immersive scenic walk through the forest from the major motion picture.  A pleasant pine tree aroma fills the air as the Speak & Spell carries about business as usual.


Hark!  It’s one of E.T.’s friends!  This friendly alien reminds the cart that E.T. is in need of our help and, according to Steven Spielberg, we can help him through his crisis.


E.T. the cart steps off the ride, amazed by the incredible experience that just happened!   Surely, this was a historic event that will forever be remembered by future generations of people who have nothing better to do than  carry 31 year old video games on rides.  Now, it’s time to hit the gift shop and go again!


The gift shop stands silently in the distance as the E.T. cart counts the money in its wallet.  Yes, just enough to buy an E.T. plush!


On the way out, the E.T. cart catches a location sign and pauses for a photo.  While posing, the game can’t help but wonder how E.T. Adventure has remained in tact over the years at the park meanwhile Back to the Future: The Ride is no more.


Collectors may be seeking copies of the game that sat in a landfill for thirty years, but I have on my desk the first documented cart to ever have journeyed on the ride.


Be sure to catch more E.T. awesomeness during E.T. week here at PopRewind.com!  We’ll take you back.


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