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Found Footage: Back to the Future Part IV Trailer

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Great Scott!  This time on Pop Rewind, we serve up this Back to the Future Part IV trailer for your enjoyment.

The Backstory:

This is a fan-made trailer in the spirit of good fun.  We originally were going to post it as an April Fool’s Day prank, but decided it would be more fun to way until Back to the Future Day was trending.  This has been an on and off project over the past few years.  As a new Doc cameo surfaced, it was added to the trailer.  The clips come from a variety of different sources, mostly appearances Christopher Lloyd has done over the years as Doc Brown.  Everything from promo videos to Pepsi commercials were used to help create this.

To add to the “found footage” look, this fake trailer was dubbed back and forth to VHS several times and then the tape was physically destroyed.  No software plug-in could ever match that authenticity of a chewed-up tape.

I still remember watching the Earth Day special in school in the early 90s and always thought it was interesting to see Doc in other projects (yes, that is Doogie Howser).  It was fun to finally come up with a way to blend some of those appearances together.

As part of the original April Fool’s Day prank, we came up with a pretty ridiculous backstory.  We thought you might get a kick out of the alternate timeline delivery of this trailer.

The Original (Fake) Backstory:

Back in the 90s, I was a VHS enthusiast. I loved collecting out-of-print and rare movies. I still have stacks of boxes piled with tapes that I’ll never have time to go through again. Some tapes I never even got around to watching in the first place, actually. At one point, I was receiving 15-20 videos a day by mail. Most of it is so obscure, that it will probably never even make its way to YouTube. Well, history is about to change.

I recently had some water damage in my home and had to sort through boxes to catalog everything that took a hit. That’s when I came across a tape I had completely forgotten about labeled “Rubin and Ed Outtakes / BTTF 4 Footage”. I don’t recall ever watching that tape before. I would guess I got it in the late 90s. Based on the content, I am assuming it was from around 1991.

Collecting VHS is a hobby I left in the past. I really don’t have much interest in the tapes anymore, but that video label immediately caught my attention. So, I dusted off the VCR (a stereo 4-head JVC SVHS deck, thank you very much!) and popped it in.

Likely due to the severe water damage, the quality is beyond horrible. Some parts are flat out unwatchable even after adjusting the tracking (parents, explain what tracking is to your kids).

Anyway, I was completely BLOWN AWAY by what I was seeing. It appears to be a trailer for an uncompleted Back to the Future Part IV film! Being a huge fan of the movies, I can’t believe I’ve been sitting on this for so long without realizing it.

Instead of letting it collect dust another twenty years, I’ve decided to share this rare treasure with the world. I know nothing of its origin, only that the back of the tape case had a sticker labeled “TapeHead128” (presumably, who gave it to me).

I personally don’t believe that this is a real trailer, but it wouldn’t surprise me if it was some video made to drum up some interest in a fourth movie. Perhaps, they filmed a few test scenes before officially deciding to leave us with only three installments.

To all you Back to the Future fans, enjoy! I thought the time was right to share this, being that it’s finally the future depicted in the movies. If someone else knows anything about this from their tape trading days, I’d love to know the origins.

Got any more info on this Back to the Future Part IV mystery trailer?  Let us know!  PopRewind.com:  We’ll take you back!

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