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Ghostbusters 2016 Stay Puft Marshmallow S’Mores Cocktail & Shot!

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It just wouldn’t be an informal Theme Week here at Pop Rewind without Linz going into the kitchen and getting drunk. As Lee mentioned in Monday’s article, the Ghostbusters are Back in the Mainstream, which leaves us with some fun Ghostbusters products to get creative with. Let’s go!

Ghostbusters Stay Puft Marshmallows S’Mores Cocktail & Shot

Sure, you could roast those Campfire Ghostbusters Marshmallows and make some S’Mores, but why not add alcohol into the mix instead?

Makes two cocktails or a bunch of shots. I don’t remember how many. This is a common theme in my life.



2 oz Godiva White Chocolate Cream
2 oz Vanilla Vodka
2 oz Creme De Cacao (White)
4 oz Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk
Graham Crackers
Bright Green Candy Melts
Campfire Ghostbusters Marshmallows


Place a graham cracker in a sandwich baggie and go over it with a rolling pin a few times until you have chunky-fine crumbs. Set aside.

Melt a handful of Candy Melts in the microwave (using a microwave-safe container, of course). Refer to the instructions on the bag for proper instructions. We’re not liable for any fires.

Dip rim of glass into Candy Melts, then dip that into the graham crackers, making sure to get a decent coat.

Add your alcohol and Almond Milk to a shaker. Fill with ice and shake it like a song from the early 2000s.


Pour into glasses and garnish with Campfire Ghostbusters Marshmallows. I used three toothpicks (one on each outside edge and one in the middle to connect the Slimer and Stay Puft-shaped marshmallows), balanced precariously on the rim of the glass.


The toothpick trick makes it look like Slimer and Stay Puft are hanging out together in a weird milk hot tub.


I wasn’t originally going to do a shot, but I found these Slimer shot glasses at Spencer’s and couldn’t resist. If you do make shots, feel free to rim it with Candy Melts and graham crackers. Slimer’s big onion head got in the way.


Go home Slimer, ur drunk.


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