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Gremlins and ALF… The Ride???

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I’m sorry.  Truly, I am.  I’m sorry that for eight years, there was a running Gremlins ride hosted by ALF and I never told you about it.

A Gremlins ride showed up at Warner Bros. theme parks in both Australia and Germany.  The German version, however, received an upgrade in the form of one Gordon Shumway.

alfgizmoPhoto by: Screammachine.net

ALF was big in Germany.  They loved him there.  So, it only makes sense that he should co-host a ride with Gizmo as gooey creatures wreck havoc on the Warner Bros. film archives.

Watching some of The Great Gremlin Adventure footage online, it’s apparent that it was a pretty cool experience for a theme park attraction.  Guests are seated in a small movie theater and shown bloopers from the early glam days of Hollywood films.  The video ends with ALF wrapping up a scene on the set of his hit sitcom, as he chases Lucky the cat through the kitchen.  To his surprise, evil Gremlins jump out of cabinets and start destroying the Tanner family home.  Willy’s not gonna like this!

The theater experience ends with film ripping and shadows of Gremlins holding a film reel.  It’s at this moment you realize that they’ve perfectly recreated a scene from the first movie and it stars you – the audience!  How cool is that?

Skip to 0:51 to see the ALF part.

Guests are then escorted to an automatic ride vehicle, which starts the adventure by bursting through the film reel storage room.  ALF, Gizmo, and a dead guy kick off the adventure as cars go through different areas of the studio.  At some point, a Gremlin is flying the Bat-Plane from Batman & Robin.  A few scenes depict ALF getting his ass kicked by evil Gremlins.  Corpses of people strangled by film reels and phone cords are everywhere.  Gremlins are popped up out of filing cabinets and recreating classic cowboy movie scenes.  It’s a really intense experience.

As with most dark rides, there appears to be no real resolution to the end of the story.  ALF doesn’t come in and save the day, the chaos just continues behind you as you escape the madness.  This reminds me, in particular, of Garfield’s Nightmare at Kennywood.  The entire ride is scenes of Garfield getting attacked by food, dogs, and more.  He even get devoured in one segment.  Then – SMILE! – your photo is taken and the ride is over.  Yeah, I had plenty of Garfield nightmares after that trip!

Near the exit, ALF is behind the wheel of a fire truck while an animatronic Gizmo waves goodbye.  Would you believe this ride was first opened in 1996 and lasted until 2004?  ALF was canceled in 1990 and Gremlins 2 was released the same year.  Does this mean they recreated the Tanner household six years later to film the introduction of the ride?

Finally, I leave you with the best quality complete ride through experience to be found on the interwebs:

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