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Here’s What Allegedly Happened To Eddie Munster

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If you think everything coming back in the form of a nostalgia explosion now is new, you obviously weren’t around in the 80s. If you were, you’d know that they tried to bring back The Munsters several times. It just never worked out.

First, there was an ill-contrived sequel series – Yes, sequel series, not just simply a reboot. Despite three seasons worth of canned laughter to choose from, you don’t need to watch any further than this theme song:

Then there was even an Eddie Munster song…

Actually, the story behind the song is pretty intense.

And if that’s not enough for you, Butch Patrick even made an appearance on Cristina’s Court years later…

Yeah, that’s apparently what happened to Eddie.


  • Thanks for the link to my story about putting together the rock video for “Whatever Happened to Eddie?”
    I was Butch’s manager, producer, etc. It was a rocky couple of years and then it all went up in flames because Rochsire Records also went up in flames when the FBI moved in and shut them down for embezzling funds from Hughe’s Aircraft by the record company’s owner’s wife. The music biz. It doesn’t get any worse.

  • I posted the original music video on youtube this year. Here is the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vRPEQKNAxpk&t=81s

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