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How Home Alone 2: Lost in New York Changed My Life… Forever

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It’s been more than twenty years since I first saw the sequel to Home Alone.  And more than twenty years later, I’m still reminded of the movie’s existence on a daily basis.

In the film, young Kevin McCallister beholds a magical recording device toy known as the Talk Boy.  Aside from being one of the coolest movie props ever, it’s used as a plot device several times throughout the story.  Early on, Kevin sneaks into the bathroom while his uncle Frank is singing wildly in the shower.   After Kevin’s presence is discovered, Uncle Frank offers some pretty serious threats, sending the lad running off in fear.  The groove tunes don’t stop there, as the karaoke fun picks up right where it left off in Uncle Frank’s shower.

The infamous scene.
That thirty six seconds forever changed my life.  Almost every shower I’ve taken since the film’s release, I’ve thought about the Talk Boy scene.  That’s over two decades of consideration on a near daily basis.  When everyone else brags that they came up with an amazing idea in the shower, all I can do is sing a few bars of “Cool Jerk”.  In fact, sometimes I do catch myself singing the song while I’m in the shower.  Unfortunately, I’ve never heard the entire song, so I just mumble through the few seconds that appeared in the movie over and over.

Sometimes, it gives me a chuckle.  Other times, I get angry that I’m thinking about Home Alone again while washing my hair.  The rest of the time, I’m just sad knowing that my destiny if forever plagued by memories of Uncle Frank’s voice.  Honestly, I think the thing that upsets me most is the second movie is nowhere near as good as the first.  Creepy shovel man beats pigeon lady, no question.

Now, get out of here you nosy little pervert or I’m gonna slap you silly!

Did Home Alone 2: Lost in New York ruin your life?  Share below!

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  • I love both movies, but the second is basically a rehash of the first, only with a different setting and a bad ass toy tape recorder. Wish my Talkboy never died and got trashed..

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