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Internet Time Travel: Orbitz.com

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Today in Internet History, we’re going back in time to examine one of the sites that most embodied the 1990s: Orbitz.com. I’m talking about the failed beverage and not the travel site that popped up in 2000.


Let’s proceed then, shall we?

Archive.org didn’t cache everything in the site, unfortunately, so nothing else besides the above screen was available from 1996.


The next year, however, they slightly upgraded their site! Bells and whistles?! Whoohah! Let’s check it out!


I’m sure you can use your imagination and fill in the blanks with poorly crafted graphics. Maybe it would show up if I still had Internet Explorer 3.01?


The Orbitz website was available until 1999, outliving the product itself by two years. In 2000, the domain was abandoned, but available for registration. Later that year, the Orbitz travel company popped up.


In the future, we’ll be able to make all our travel plans online?! What is this demonry?!


And here’s what the Orbitz website looks like today. I’m not sure why an airline would take on the ghost of a failed beverage, but then I fly Delta.

Do you remember the original Orbitz website? Leave us a comment below!

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