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It Came From Canada: Camp Cariboo

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In the long line of Canadian shows I grew up on, one major show was Camp Cariboo. This seems like a fine show for any kid, but the thing is, I’ve never been camping, like, ever. When asked to go camping, I simply laugh and smugly let people know that hotels have been invented so there’s no need for camping. Oh yes, I’m one of those people.

Flying Goggles FTW!

But for some reason, maybe because this camp thing is so foreign to me, I loved Camp Cariboo, a show centered around camping and camp-like things. And chin people.

The show rain from 1986-1989, but like most people, I saw it in reruns on YTV starting in 1989.

I often call bread “raw toast,” and I just realized I got it from this show. Wow.

One segment on the show was the Keeners, which were just Tom and Mark sped up being all KEEN to go to camp. It was all educational camping stuff that I had no use for, but I always enjoyed the voices.

camp-cariboo-chinIn any other circumstance, I would find this nightmare-inducing. For some reason on Camp Cariboo it was endearing

Hands down my favorite segment on Camp Cariboo is when they did the chin people. Every time I watched the show, I’d draw a face on my chin and hang off the side of the bed with a blanket over the top of my face. I’m an only child so thankfully no one witnessed this.

So where are our fearless hosts now? Tom Knowlton is a weatherman for CTV Southern Ontario, the same channel Ross Hull (Gary from Are You Afraid of the Dark?) reported the weather for (he’s on CBC Ottawa now). Is there something about former Canadian kids show actors and weather? There should be a study done on this. Or not.

The other one, Mark Baldwin, allegedly teaches Social Psychology at McGill University in Hamilton, Ontario. I always liked Tom better because Mark reminded me of a bootleg Scott Baio and I’m not a Baio fan.

Have you ever watched Camp Cariboo? Or drawn faces on your chin? Leave us a comment below!

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