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It Came From Canada: Mr. T (Tasty) Timbit the Tim Hortons’ Mascot

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If you’re not Canadian or you just aren’t familiar with fine Canadian cuisine, you might be scratching your head trying to figure out what a Timbit is. Timbits are Tim Hortons’ brand of donut holes and my, are they a tasty treat. Introduced in 1976, Timbits are a staple of the Canadian diet.

I always assumed the name Timbits came about because they’re just small bits of Tim Hortons’ donuts, when in fact the “bit” portion refers to the first part of the product’s original slogan “Big In Taste, Small In Size”.


The Timbits mascot graced the inside and outside of Tim Hortons’ establishments back when they were that 70s/80s color scheme—lots of brown and yellow. Mr. T (Tasty) was a pile of three Timbits. I always thought it looked like a bee when I was younger, others thought more mouse-like. And today: balls with feet.


Like everything else, the Timbits mascot had his own merchandise. Plush toys, mugs, pins, and more. Besides the occasional mug that turns up on eBay, Timbit mascot merchandise is rare to find. If you have a Tim-Mug, you are hardcore and win 1,000,000 Canadian Points (not to be confused with Canadian Tire Money, but that’s another post).

I haven’t been able to find a date on when the Timbit mascot was retired, but I’d guess late 1980s/early 1990s, at least a couple years before Tim Hortons merged with Wendy’s in 1995.

timbits001A real live box of Timbits!

Timbits are a big part of growing up Canadian. When doing class presentations or seminars, you bring a box of Timbits and earn bonus points. When having your staff meeting at work, a box is mandatory (hint hint, my boss who doesn’t read this). Visiting a friend who just had a baby? Bring in those tasty diabetes bites!


And while the mascot is long gone, Timbits the goodies remain strong– coming in such varieties as Apple Fritter, Chocolate Glazed, Dutchie, Honey Dip, Lemon, Old Fashion Glazed, Old Fashion Plain, Raspberry, Sour Cream Glazed, Strawberry and sometimes if you’re lucky—Boston Crème.

Do you remember the Timbits mascot? Leave us a comment below!


  • I was going to make a testicles joke but you’ve already taken care of that. You’re so on top of things.

  • I have one of the original mascots, and am trying to find out more about it, when it was made and how much it is worth, if anyone can help please

    • Hey, I also have one. I called TEL and they don’t even have a tasty mascot plushie in their museum. They’re apparently quite rare. Couldn’t get any value info from them as “the data sample of sales is too small to accurately determine an appraisal system” – official at TDL oakfield hopefully this shines some light on it for you.

  • Kathy855  My brother is looking to buy one for his daughter (who is in her 30’s) because she is pregnant and he wants to give it to her.  If you’re selling,  please email me at .   His daughter always had the timbit stuffy at her side.   This would have been in the early 80’s

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