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It Came from Canada: Murphy the Molar

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One of my favorite parts of nostalgia is that nostalgia that sneaks up on you– those things that you’ve completely forgotten about, but when you see or hear something very specific it all comes rushing back.


For me, that was finding this beat-up button in a box last week. What’s the deal with that smiling tooth? Oh yes, it’s Murphy the Molar!

When I was in kindergarten (in the 80s), representatives from the Ontario Ministry of Health came in to teach us all how to brush our teeth. I guess us fowl-mouthed flappy-headed Canadians couldn’t quite grasp the concept, so as part of his position as a dental director, Dr. Samuel M. Green, DDS created the character of Murphy the Molar.

And yes, growing up in Canada in the 80s sometimes looked like a bad drug trip.


Besides buttons, there were also Murphy the Molar magnets. How do I know that? Because my parents’ basement fridge still has one on display.

How Canadian. Yes, getting hit in the face with a puck is a very real threat to every Canadian.

Did your country of origin have weird dental propaganda films? Why not share in the comments below!

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