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It Came From Canada: My Pet Monster

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I know what you’re thinking—you’ve clicked on this link specifically to leave a comment about how you’re American and know all about My Pet Monster. Good, we’ve infiltrated your airwaves.

My Pet Monster, like many good 80s franchises, began as a doll from American Greetings in 1986. Soon after, Canada got their hands on it, producing a direct-to-video live-action movie. What’s that? You didn’t know about the movie?


Why did this exist?

The live-action movie was supposed to start the series, which then turned into a cartoon produced by Ellipse in France and… NELVANA OF CANADA. Double bam. It got all Canadian up in this bitch.

It’s only an hour long, you know you want to watch it.

Thanks to the magic of YouTube, you can watch the whole film from the comfort of your own home. It’s not entirely bad, but the best part is probably the 8-bit-esque opening, but that may be my own love of 8-bit animation style and my love of the song “Monster Mash” talking.

Most notably, the live-action cast features Yannick Bisson from CBC’s Murdoch Mysteries and Alyson Court of Mr. Dressup fame. Yeah, told you it would get Canadian. Inside the My Pet Monster suit? That’s Canadian actor Mark Parr, who also played Mr. Pim in the hard-to-find TV movie The Rocket Boy (with Rick Moranis, Dave Thomas, John Candy, Ron James, and lots of other great Canadians. Stay tuned for that one!)

Here’s the cartoon intro, welcome back to your happy place.

As for the cartoon, I didn’t realize until I started my research on this that there were only 13 episodes of My Pet Monster. I remember Global TV in Canada airing that every Sunday for years, running that into the ground. How we were okay with the same 13 episodes playing over and over again in some sort of Sunday afternoon Groundhogs Day scenario, I may never know. At least it was a brief reprieve from Inspector Gadget and The Smoggies.

What do you think of the My Pet Monster live-action movie? Leave us a comment below!

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