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It Came From Canada: The Peanut Butter Solution

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It turns out that The Peanut Butter Solution is a stranger movie than I remembered it being. I caught it one day at my cousin’s house in the late 1980s. He was cleaning his guinea pig’s cage and I had nothing better to do than watch whatever it was he had on the TV and for some reason, it was the 1985 film The Peanut Butter Solution.


The movie cover looks like something straight out of the 1970s, which is fitting because the 1970s hit Canada around 1985.

Experience Canada.

The Peanut Butter Solution was produced as part of a series of children’s films called Tales for All. There were quite a few of these produced, but by far The Peanut Butter Solution is the one that people remember. Other titles include The Dog Who Stopped The War, The Flying Sneaker, and Summer with the Ghosts. These all had fantastic names, but The Peanut Butter Solution is still the clear winner.

Thankfully through the magic of illegal YouTube uploads, the entire film is available for your home viewing pleasure. You don’t even have to hook up your VCR to enjoy this staple of Canadian cinematography. Although, if you understand French, you can purchase the DVD—it was released in 2007 but only in French with no English subtitles or audio.

This movie is so out there that 90% of the comments on these YouTube clips are “OMG I THOUGHT I DREAMED THIS AS A CHILD,” because it couldn’t possibly have existed.

Basically, the kids’ mother is off dealing with her family’s estate, so the father is in charge, meaning nothing good will happen. Did I mention he’s some artist with little to no talent? The sister thinks she’s the mom now and needs to sit down.

You may remember the father from Warehouse 13 as Myka’s father (he does a better parenting job there) and you may remember Connie, the main character’s best friend as Yick Yu from Degrassi. But probably not.

Anyway, shenanigans ensue and the son’s (Mike) hair is scared out of his head (according to a doctor… crazy Canadian witchdoctors). Some hippies give Mike a recipe to re-grow his hair, which works more prolifically than we may have anticipated. One thing we did expect that didn’t happen: no one rubbed this on their balls—oh wait, Yick Yu totally did. This is going to make any future manscaping rather difficult.

The key ingredient in this hair growing concoction? Peanut butter. And oh yeah, Skippy Peanut Butter totally paid (in money) for their product placement in this film (with real cash).

U Mad? Tu es fou?

It turns out that the old evil art teacher takes the crazy-haired kid to harvest his hair for paintbrushes. Let me tell you, as someone who paints as a hobby and has done so for over a decade—I wouldn’t buy a human hair brush, especially one that’s just a giant tuft of hair instead of bristles. He would have had a much more lucrative business going into wig making. Hair haberdashery, as it were. As a rule, art teachers are pretty badass and are 75% less likely than a science or math teacher to kidnap students or cause a ruckus. True facts.

A bit from the best singer in the whole world… at 7:37

One interesting trivia bit for you—The Peanut Butter Solution features the first English-language songs performed by Celine Dion. This movie is to blame for so much.

Still unresolved: Yick Yu’s hairy balls.

Do you remember The Peanut Butter Solution? Do you think slightly less of Canada now? Leave us a comment!

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