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Jumpin’ Jigowatts: The Burger Situation

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It’s no secret to regular PopRewind.com readers that Lee’s favorite film franchise is Back to the Future.  After indulging the movie trilogy, TV show, ride, video games, and more an incalculable number of times, it’s inevitable to question the BTTF universe.  In the spirit of good fun, Lee shares his deep thoughts about the consequence of time travel in an editorial series collectively known as Jumpin’ Jigowatts.

This issue’s scenario: The Burger Situation.

In the first movie, Marty’s family is slowly disappearing from a photograph to show the future is altered.  Does this mean half of his brother’s head was missing in 1985?  Why did they fade like a dial-up web graphic loads?  Why didn’t the opacity of the entire character fade instead of increments?  If Marty’s siblings were walking around with missing torsos in the future, wouldn’t that have altered everyone else’s future, as well?  Does the fact that they faded one body part at a time mean that several new alternate timelines were created?  One in which just their heads were missing, one in which their heads and arms were missing, etc?

Let’s consider this scenario.  We know that Marty’s brother Dave works at Burger King.  In this situation, a hungry 80s man could be edging his El Camino toward the drive-thru window.  When he arrives at the window, a headless man is handing him a sack of fast food.  Suddenly, the arm of the headless man disappears as well and the fast food falls to the pavement.  This is the last time the hungry 80s man in the El Camino ever eats a Whopper.  Unfortunately, this further alters the time stream because the hungry 80s man was destined to take his future wife on a successful first date to Burger King.  This no longer happens, the date never happens, and an entire line of family descendants never happens.  What kind of paradox do you call that?!

Yes, I’m aware it’s a movie.

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