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Knight Rider Board Game

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This is another thrift store find from a few years back, when I was obsessed with KITT. I still am, but I’ve calmed down a lot, which most people can appreciate.


Players control poorly made rubber cars. The object of this game is to go around the board and clear up “trouble spots,” with the player clearing the most trouble spots declared the winner.


It seems like Parker Brothers really missed on this one– the best part of the show is the car and that little watch Michael Knight talks into. Yet all we have are rubber cars and road work? Come on now.


Parker Brothers boasts that this is a “high speed adventure game,” but I beg to differ.

Have you played the Knight Rider board game? How did you do? Let us know!


  • Holy crap, that’s got some swell Drew Struzan artwork on the cover though!

  • I got the Miami Vice board game, and it’s just as bad. The board game is a map of the city of Miami, and you’re given little rubber cars to drive around. No drugs, neon colors or Phil Collins songs. Just driving…

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