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Let Them Eat Cereal!

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We are part of the League of Extraordinary Bloggers.  Each week a topic is dished out and members use that as inspiration to update their sites.  The topic this time:  What piece of pop culture did you HATE as a kid?

When discussing this week’s League assignment, we realized we shared a common bond of dislike from our childhoods: cereal mascots who had their cereal revoked.

Lee: Trix

How could you ever forget all the effort the Trix rabbit went through just to get a bowl of artificially fruity flavored breakfast?  Each attempt was basically the same: the rabbit would disguise himself, trick kids into giving him cereal, and then he’d get caught.  As punishment, the children would take the cereal away from the rabbit, eat it in front of him, and proclaim, “Silly rabbit, Trix are for kids!”

This series of jerk moves began in 1959 and hasn’t really let up since.

 Neil Armstrong actually worried about encountering the same issue.

On very rare occasions, the rabbit would be permitted to eat a bowl of cereal by means of an election process on box-tops.  The votes were always strongly in favor of the rabbit getting a bowl.

It’s just sad, really.

Just because he’s a rabbit, he’s not entitled basic rights such as eating?  As thinly veiled as the X-Men series is in depicting social metaphors, the story of the rabbit is really no different.  Pick a deeply controversial issue and you can probably find a way to compare it to this cereal!  What if Wolverine weren’t allowed a bowl of Trix just because he was a mutant?  Can you imagine how he’d flip out on anyone that stood between him and a bowl of sugary goodness?


I guess it wouldn’t bug me so much that he never gets it if Trix were at least a cereal worth fighting for.  However, seeing him hop all over the place just to get a bite is really infuriating, as he probably doesn’t even realize how mediocre it is!


And that rant brings us to a similar issue that dates back to pre-historic times:

Linz: Cocoa and Fruity Pebbles

One series of commercials that stuck with me as a child, and still stays with me today, is the Cocoa and Fruity Pebbles cereal commercials with Fred Flintstone and Barney Rubble. Growing up, I thought Fred was a bag of dicks. Fred and Barney were supposedly best friends, yet he couldn’t let Barney have a bowl of his Cocoa Pebbles?


My bitterness about this bloomed at an early age. In 1986, when I was three-years-old, a video rental store in town advertised that Fred and Barney would make an appearance one weekend. Video rental was a big thing in my house—my dad and I would rent movies and/or video games and stock up on candy every Saturday. Apparently Fred and Barney coming to town was a huge deal because my parents dressed me up in my Sunday best and off we went to Bandito Video to meet them.

That entire morning, I was adamant that I would only have my picture taken with Barney because Fred was mean and wouldn’t share his Cocoa Pebbles. ADAMANT. Adam Ant? Anyway, I did not want Fred in the photos and when the time came, I even told Fred (or the awkward teenager wearing the Fred Flintstone costume) that he couldn’t be in the photo with me and Barney because he’s a dick who doesn’t share his cereal. My parents tried to calm me down, saying Fred was nice and that I would later regret not having him in the photo. HAH. Likely not.

The photo was taken and developed. A few weeks later I saw it and was beyond pissed. Beside me stood Barney, holding a rolled up movie poster that looks like a giant cigarette (that I was okay with). On the other side of me? Fred Bag ‘O’ Dicks Flintstone. That mofo snuck into the photo.

poprewind_flintstone_bandito86Fred looks mighty smug sneaking into my photo.

It wasn’t bad enough that he couldn’t share some measly cereal with his best buddy, no, he also couldn’t follow simple instructions from a three-year-old like, “Stay out of this photo Fred Flintstone, I hate you.”

Apparently my voice was heard, because that holiday season in 1986, Fred finally shared his Pebbles after Santa shames him into it.

Finally, justice for Barney!

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  • I always wondered what happened to the Cinnamon Toast Crunch baker’s friends? For that matter, where’d the Cookie Crisp dog’s owner(the robber) and cop go, and why were they eventually replaced with a wolf? What about Fruit Brute? I even miss Cornelius from the Corn Flakes box, who has since gone back to being a dormant logo.

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