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Little Caesars’ Wooly Bully Commercial

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An interesting thing about Canada: instead of the “Pizza! Pizza!” slogan for Little Caesars, we have “Delivery! Delivery!” or “Quality! Quality!” Canadian pizza chain Pizza Pizza already trademarked the double pizza. And no, they didn’t steal the slogan– Pizza Pizza opened in 1967 while Little Caesar’s campaign wasn’t introduced until 1979.


I grew up in a border city in Canada, which means I watched a lot of American TV and didn’t realize Little Caesars didn’t use that slogan in Canada. I rarely ate Little Caesars anyway. I only realized we didn’t have the slogan in Canada when Lee came to visit about 12 years ago and asked if Pizza Pizza was some kind of bootleg Little Caesars.

Their advertising may be lackluster nowadays, but in the early 90s it was on point. Using puppets and putting together a whole band, Little Caesars released a pizza-centric parody of Sam the Sham and the Pharaohs’s 1965 hit “Wooly Bully”. Although I’m not a fan of Little Caesars, you’d better believe I’m singing “Pizza pizza” every time I hear the tune for “Wooly Bully”:

How can that commercial not make you happy, dancey, and hungry for shitty pizza?

The best part of the commercial, hands-down, is the singing uvula:


They also had a Name Game version:

Not as catchy, but nothing can live up to the first commercial.

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