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Look What I Made: Ghostbusters Painting Edition

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This week’s assignment for the League of Extraordinary Bloggers asks us to show something we’ve made. Luckily Lee pays more attention to the things I make than I do because I totally blanked on this until he reminded me of the painting in my bathroom… the painting that watches everyone pee.


One of my hobbies is painting with acrylics. I’m no expert, having only taken art through high school and sitting at what my art teacher referred to as “the slow table” (thanks Ms. Powell!), but it’s something I enjoy. I prefer to paint things that other’s don’t. I could have something nice and relaxing above my toilet, but why? Slimer seems much more appropriate, once you get to know me.

I painted this four years ago when I first moved into my house. I didn’t have much for wall coverings then, and decided the bathroom needed a little sprucing up. But what?

When I was a kid, I would not get up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom. I thought if I left my bedroom, Slimer from the Ghostbusters would get me. I’m not sure if this is something my brain came up with on its own, or a thought planted into my head by my parents who just didn’t want to deal with me wandering around at night. Either way, I thought Slimer would get me. Which is ridiculous because the worst that would happen is that I would get slimed. And that doesn’t sound too terrible.

Thus, when thinking about what to paint for my bathroom, Slimer watching me (and everyone else) pee seemed like the natural decision.

I got this framed at Michael’s Arts & Crafts. It seems like every time I go there with one of my paintings, I get the strangest looks. Guess they’re only used to bowls of fruit and family portraits. Boring!


And don’t worry– even if you pee sitting down, Slimer’s still watching in the mirror. The dirty, dirty mirror.

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  • Ha, this is so great. Kind of gives a new meaning to “don’t cross the streams.” Though, I’m not sure there should even be multiple concurrent streams in one bathroom. I made it weird.

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