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Mario vs. Milli Vanilli

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It’s hard to believe it’s been 25 years since Milli Vanilli’s first album release, but girl you know it’s true.  Back in November 1988, the long-haired duo bumped onto the scene with their All or Nothing album.  The irony in the album title is both amusing and painful now, considering the group will always be remembered for their lip-synching scandal.

Forgotten since then is what a hot property the two German studs were during their short-lived success.  In the Time Magazine article “Two Scoops of Vanilli”, singer–er… uh, co-frontman Robert Pilatus showed some teeth by claiming himself “the new Elvis”.  That was a bold comment to make at the time as the pair had been exposed for miming along with a playback track at a concert only a few months prior.

Despite self-congratulatory claims, they drew fans from all walks of life.  In fact, most people don’t realize the Super Mario Bros. friends actually attended their infamous show.  As it turns out, Princess Toadstool was a big fan of the group at the time.  She even had an officially licensed Milli Vanilli baggy sweatshirt.  What, don’t believe me?  The clip below reveals it all.

Much like other fans in attendance, Princess didn’t notice or care about the track skipping.  Eventually, the fellows confessed to the people that they did not sing on their albums.  Though the backlash was strong, both Milli and Vanilli kept a sense of humor about it.

If only the makers of Carefree Gum could have known the two would eventually attempt to sell their (actual) singing to the public, we might still have Carefree Gum on store shelves.

What can I say?  It was the 90s.

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