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Moon Tiara… Valentines? Sailor Moon Valentine’s Day Cards For Your Loved Ones!

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You could say that we had you covered last year when we scanned in Sonic the Hedgehog Valentines Day Cards AND also teamed up with Rediscover the 80s to bring you 10 ’80s-Themed Valentines We’d Like to Receive. But that isn’t enough. You need something else for your special someone… something a little more… dare I say, animated?

Never fear, Pop Rewind is here with Sailor Moon Valentines! Besides the standard Valentine’s Day Card fare, you also get puzzles on the back AND stickers! If one Valentine on this site will get you laid, this is the one. Wait, this is getting weird.

Click to enlarge! These are big files so you can print ’em out!



I realize writers get work wherever they can get it (hi), but it’s clear whoever was in charge of writing copy for these Valentines had never seen an episode of Sailor Moon. “Valentine, you send me into orbit!” ??? Come on, my crappy title for this post was a million times better than that!



The absence of Sailor Venus is a little upsetting. You could have done so much with Sailor Venus/Sailor V/Sailor… VALENTINE. You see what I did there.



This set is improved a little more, but that group shot makes the Sailor Scouts look downright angry to be your Valentine. I get it, Hallmark holiday yadda yadda, but come on. At least they’re getting on the right track with the whole “power to be my Valentine” thing. Props for that, dawgs.


The stickers are also great, making sure you don’t accidentally tell your best friend that you’re in love with them in that way by decorating the Valentine with “Best Friends” or “Pals!” On the other hand, if you want to line up some extra curricular activities, try the “Red Hot!” or “Be Mine!” stickers.

So yes, even though these Valentines from 1995 were slapped together, I doubt there’s anyone out there that wouldn’t be delighted to receive a Sailor Moon Valentine’s Day Card.

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