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Movies You Forgot Took Place on Halloween

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What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of a Halloween movie?  A Halloween movie?  Well, what about all those non-scary movies that take place on Halloween?  It’s easy to forget classics like E.T. happened to be set on October 31st.  Well, here’s a few movies you forgot took place on Halloween.

6 – Batman Forever

Trick or Treat, smell my feet, Alfred!

Was there anything more exciting than seeing Alfred hand out candy to two actual Batman villains?  Eh, probably, but that scene alone pretty much made this movie worth seeing.


5 – Addams Family Values

Is there any marathon better than the Family Channel’s Halloween countdown?

I guess it shouldn’t come as a surprise that an Addams Family movie would take place on Halloween.  The movies are covered in so much Hollywood goth and gore that the Halloween stuff falls to background.  Fun fact:  Did you know this isn’t the first Addams Family movie to involve Halloween?  There was a 1977 TV film titled Halloween with the New Addams Family.  Despite some returning cast members, it had a very different feel perhaps due to being presented in color instead of black and white.


4 – Mean Girls

Are these characters from Daria?

Yeah, remember that Halloween party that basically set up the rest of the movie?  No, you don’t.


3 – Can’t Buy Me Love

Just watch this Beatles performance instead of a clip from the movie.

Even though it feels like one party after another in this movie that played way too many times on Comedy Central in the 1990s and was also named after a Beatles song, Halloween was one of the featured days in Can’t Buy Me Love.

2 – The Karate Kid

Paint the fence, Mr. Miyagi!

Mr. Miyagi’s most epic scene in The Karate Kid was when the ancient man beat up a bunch of teenagers.  Of course, they were dressed as skeletons because they were a bunch of punks out late at night on Halloween.  If it weren’t for this encounter, Daniel wouldn’t have learned to defend himself and there never would have been a super successful franchise of films and spin-offs.  Punks!


1 – E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial

E.T. throws back all the candy that isn’t Reese’s Pieces.

What a heart warming movie… that took place on Halloween?  The most amusing part about the Halloween element is that the kids totally miss the point that E.T. could walk around outside among the Yoda masks without getting noticed, but the kids still dress him as a ghost.  Genuis!

Know of any other non-Halloween Halloween movies?  Let us know!
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