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Music Video Monday: Ghostbusters

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In celebration of the movie’s 30th anniversary, we’re kicking off Ghostbusters week a week late here at PopRewind.com!

Did you grow up on the first movie?  Lose your mind when the second movie trailer dropped?  Had every episode of The Real Ghostbusters cartoon memorized?  Did I just describe my own childhood?

Anyway, here are some slime inducing music videos to kick off your work week.

“Ghostbusters” by Ray Parker Jr.


The neon furniture and phone in this video haunted my dreams during my adolescence.  I must have done that “yeah, yeah, yeah!” hand gesture for years after first seeing this video.  Legend has it that Ray Parker Jr. was inspired by goofy late night TV jingles when it came to writing the song.  The video features appearances from several people who weren’t in the film, such as Chevy Chase, John Candy, and Al Franken.

“On Our Own” by Bobby Brown


Instead of inviting Ray Parker Jr. back to record a sequel song, the producers turned to Bobby Brown to record “On Our Own” and “We’re Back” for the soundtrack.  They also decided to go with the random cameos thing, so keep an eye out for Donald Trump, Doug E. Fresh, Christopher Reeve, The Ramones, and more!  I’ve always been a fan of the Ghostbusters II soundtrack and was pretty surprised to hear this song on muzak at a store last year.

“Ghostbusters Rap” by Run DMC


Even thought it’s been thirty years, you can ask “who you gonna call?” in a room full of strangers and receive the appropriate response.  Not as many people remember the rap take on the song from the second film.  See what happens when a music video doesn’t feature random cameos from people who weren’t in the movie?

Bonus: “Ghostbusters” featuring “Weird Al” Yankovic


Perhaps, “Weird Al” was a little hurt that he didn’t get an invite to be a random cameo in the video.  He took care of that on one of his legendary AL-TV appearances, making sure he was in charge of the cameo selection.

That’s it for this round of Music Video Monday.  Go!  Enjoy your work week.  Do something productive.  And then come back to PopRewind.com during your lunch break.

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