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Music Video Monday: Tears For Fears

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Ugh. It’s a Monday morning. I don’t want to be up this early. You don’t want to be getting ready for work. Yet, here we are. Let’s take a few moments to make our Monday morning a little better with 80s hit makers Tears For Fears.

Put me down in the category of not realizing “Everybody Wants To Rule The World” even had a music video.  Proof that it exists and has nothing to do with the lyrics whatsoever:

That hair, though.
Now, here’s one that’s usually overlooked for generic 80s box sets, “Head Over Heels”. The video feels like it drew inspiration from that backwards library scene in Top Secret.

Seriously, that hair!

Just in case you were expecting a Go-Go’s music video, here’s their video for “Head Over Heels”.

This was released about 29 years before they kicked the bass player out of the band. Ah, the good ol’ days.

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