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Music Video Monday: They Might Be Giants

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Let’s change our approach toward Mondays.  Instead of being the boring drudge day of the week we dread, let’s start getting excited for another round of music video fun!  Okay, fine.  I confess, even I’m not that cheery on a Monday morning, but attitude is everything (Garfield, I’m looking at you).

If you grew up watching Nickelodeon in the early 90s, you probably first heard They Might Be Giants on an episode of Tiny Toon Adventures. Let’s refresh your memory with one of those clips, “Istanbul (Not Constantinople)”.  The video comes from a bottle episode titled “Tiny Toon Music Television”, which was an apparent spoof of MTV.

Now, here’s what the band actually looked like at the time in the music video for “Birdhouse In Your Soul”.  This track is from their best-selling album Flood, released in 1990.  You may have heard to song on the occasional 1990s music compilation.  The video was directed by Adam Bernstein who later went on to direct several memorable episodes Breaking Bad.

We’ll leave you with this great video for “Doctor Worm”, featuring a trippy spider scene during the breakdown.  This song also received the cartoon treatment, with a video being produced for the Nickelodeon series Kablam!  There’s a good chance you will hear this song if you attend a They Might Be Giants concert, as it has already been performed by the band at least 800 times since 1997.  The original arrangement was a little more mellow, but they ramped it up when doing a proper studio recording for their live album (yes, that’s correct) Severe Tire Damage.

That wraps up this week’s Music Video Monday here at PopRewind.com.  Tune in next week for another round of songs that have been adapted to short films.

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