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Music Video Mondays: Wham!

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Somewhere between 1998 and 2001, record stores were officially flushing their remaining cassette stock.  I’ll never forget the time I walked in with $2.00 and left with 16 new and sealed tapes.  If it looked even remotely interesting, I grabbed a copy. My scores ranged from the obscure such as Brian Brain’s Time Flies When You’re Having Toast to “your name here” birthday sing-along novelty albums.  For the most part, I’d listen to the cassette one time and forget about it – though that pattern was ultimately challenged when I came across Music from the Edge of Heaven by 80s pop-smashers Wham!

The album doesn’t have any of the big hits I’d normally think of when I think of a band that always includes and exclamation point in their name (i.e. “Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go” and “Careless Whisper”).  Tucked away at the end of side A, however, is a little ditty titled “Wham Rap ’86”.  The premise of the song is “screw being an adult and party!!!”, featuring the classic line “Listen Mr. Average, you’re a jerk!”  There’s a solid line between self-aware satire and sincere lyrics; Wham! manages to stand directly on top of that line for the duration of the song.

As the name implies, “Wham Rap ’86” is a remake of an earlier song – the appropriately named “Wham Rap” (no ’82 included in the title).  Start your work week off by sticking it to the man with the music video for the original “Wham Rap”.

Once you start to sink in your chair in that post-lunch period at the office, put the boom-boom into your heart by following it up with “Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go”.  Keep your neon-clothing eye protection on stand-by.


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