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Obsession of the Day: Married With Children – Get the Dodge Outta Hell

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One of my most referenced Married With Children moments is apparently one that I made up. I vividly recall an episode where Al cleans his car and finds that instead of a Dodge, he is the proud owner of a Doidge (or Doige?)

I’ve asked other people about the Doidge incident and they vaguely remember it. In fact, Lee remembered it, but then pointed out he may only be remembering it because I’m so obsessed with it and brought it up.

Either way, there’s a local commercial for Dick Scott Dodge, which I proudly sing as “Dick Scott Doidge” even if this Doidge thing is something I made up.

No Wikipedia articles, manic Googling, or dedicated Married With Children episode guides were able to come up with anything about this, so I’m assuming I’m mis-remembering the episode “Get the Dodge Outta Hell” from season nine. So, today, I’m watching that episode.

Peg is dragging everyone to see her family in Wanker County for the Wanker County Parade. Before they go, Peg insists they go to the car wash so the Dodge will look nice in the parade.

It wouldn’t be an episode of Married With Children if the neighbors weren’t somehow forced into the plot. Of all the days for Steve to show up, of course it’s at the car wash to see Jefferson and Marcy.


Nevermind that Steve isn’t doing as great as he leads Marcy to believe. He’s just the driver.

Al always took such pride in having a Dodge, but at the same time he never took much care of it or cleaned it, as evidenced in this episode. The Dodge went into the car wash but never came out. On the other hand, $8.95 for a car wash is a steal. I don’t even want to talk about how much it cost the one time I cleaned my car.


Also, the car wash kid looks too much like Bud. Someone should have stepped in to recast that.

When the car wash kid can’t help and only offers Al a free car wash, Al goes back to retrace all of his steps and well…



The kid at the car wash offers to buy Al another car, but he’s not interested in a new Honda, saying it “sounds like an old lawnmower.” Before Peg can successfully convince Al to take the new car, the car wash employees come back announcing that they found the car! When they washed all the dirt off, they found it was another color– turns out Al’s brown Dodge was red all along.


Al is also excited that he didn’t lose the important stuff he keeps in his car– Big ‘Uns magazines, but also a family photo. Awwww.

Do you remember a Doidge/Doige episode, or is Linz just losing it?

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