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Obsession of the Day: The Real Ghostbusters Score

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I recently busted out the Real Ghostbusters box set and watched through my favorite episodes.  The first two seasons are rock solid filled with episodes for the thinking fan, but the show was later re-tooled to treat viewers like complete morons.  Throughout the series, though, the score remained roughly the same.  Not only was the music very fitting for the style and premise of the show, it captured moods in a way I don’t think other animated series had up to that point.  Here are a few of my favorite tracks…

“A Realization”

In one episode, Slimer was kidnapped and the gang thought he was gone forever.  I can’t hear this song without crying, “Slimer can’t be dead!”


This is the music that plays in my head every single time I’m ramping up speed to merge on to the highway.


Try humming this song next time you explore the unknown.


I used to know how to play this goofy track on guitar.  Let me tell you how many ladies it impressed.  Hint: zero.

As if just an amazing score weren’t enough, the series also had a “house band” who created catchy pop tunes that are about as 80s as it gets.  These tracks usually appeared while the Ghostbusters were in transit.  Not really sure what that’s about.

“The Boogeyman”

Don’t look behind you!  The best part of this song is the plot twist during the instrumental breakdown.  Yes, a dance song for an animated series intended for six year olds with a plot twist.

“Midnight Action”

I don’t care if the lyrics are unintelligible, this is still quite the groove tune!

Hopefully, that brought back a few memories for some loyal readers of Pop Rewind.  And, if it didn’t, what did you do with your childhood?  Play outside?  Ha!

Extra! Extra!

If you enjoyed the Real Ghostbusters score, I highly recommend checking out this obscure track by rock legends They Might Be Giants.  “Hell Hotel” is very much in the same vein as the “Action” music from above.  I can’t help but wonder if composers Haim Saban and Shuki Levy were inspired by this song.


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