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Obsession of the Day: The Taco Bell Logo

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The Taco Bell logo is a strange obsession to have. I mean, why? If you’re going to be obsessed with something Taco Bell-related, why not the Bell Beefer or other such delectable treats. No, my big beef has to do with the poor choice Taco Bell has made with their logo and color scheme.


Mmm… warm, fuzzy Taco Bell memories.

Enter the Taco Bell logo from your childhood. The classic logo was used from 1985-1994. Note the color scheme, the classic 80s palette with brown, orange, and yellow. The logo is simple and sleek, but more importantly the color scheme evokes the image of tacos. The yellow of the corn tortilla, the orange of the meat substance covered in cheese, red for Border Sauce, and green for chives or jalapenos or something. Lettuce? Yeah, that stuff. The brown Taco Bell lettering can be an homage to Cinnamon Twists because damn, they be tasty.



Taco Bell adopted a pink and purple logo in the 1990s, which does represent the decade well, what with the neon colors being so closely associated with “EXTREEEEME” branding. But what does pink and purple have to do with tacos? Nothing. And everything is pink and purple. Even the Taco Bell uniforms.

Usually when a fast food chain updates their logos, they stick with the same or similar color scheme. So, why did Taco Bell change their color scheme so drastically? Two words: Demolition Man.


I’m proud of Taco Bell for surviving, but not like this.

In the film, Taco Bell reigns surpreme as the only surviving fast food chain. A futuristic logo is shown and yes, it’s pink and purple. The bell is even angled. Did Taco Bell change their logo because of Demolition Man, or did Demolition Man debut an already existing new logo for Taco Bell? Chicken? Egg? Shitty logo?



Countries outside of North America were so offended by the bastardized Taco Bell logo that they replaced all mentions of Taco Bell with Pizza Hut. Or maybe there’s some other reason that makes more sense, but I like mine better.

Sadly, this is the logo Taco Bell has stuck with. I understand that a company wouldn’t go back to a logo from 1985, but this 1990s color scheme has got to go. Embrace the colors of the taco! It just makes sense.


Chinese food in a classic Taco Bell building? I’m not adventurous enough to tell you how it is.

I learned today that the city I grew up in was the home of the first Taco Bell in Canada, opened in 1981. You could even get beer there! That Taco Bell is long gone, I don’t even think it lasted long enough to see the pink and purple color abomination. After Taco Bell closed, it became another Mexican eatery called Three Amigos. It’s been a Chinese restaurant for the last decade or so, though. I’m assuming this is the first Taco Bell location only because of the classic brick structure. The other Taco Bells in the city are white and full of neon.


It could also be bacon wearing a hat.

I guess things could be worse. The original Taco Bell logo from the 70s is allegedly someone sleeping while wearing a sombrero. Looks more like a hot pepper wearing a sombrero. Yeah.

What do you think about the Taco Bell logo? Would you like to see a return of the 80s logo?


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