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Obsession of the Day: Trollies Radio

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Oh Trolls and Treasure Trolls. You fugly little creatures that captured our hearts in the 90s. Trolls went from little figures to dolls to clothing, to, well, VHS musicals. And speaking of the latter, Trollies was a fantastic direct-to-video release of these weird Treasure Troll-type puppets putting on their own radio show. Capitalizing on the Treasure Trolls phenomenon while at the same likely not being officially licensed, Trollies provided my very close circle of two friends and I much joy.


From what I recall, my Dad rented The Trollies Radio Sing-A-Long for me because he knew of my Troll obsession. In the early 90s, my best friend and I (along with our families) would go to the U.S. to go shopping. For those of you that don’t know, I grew up in a border city with Detroit about 15 minutes from my house in Canada. The prices and selection were better over there, so a lot of Canadians crossed the border to shop. If we were “good”, my friend and I would end up leaving Target or Meijer with a brand-spankin’-new Treasure Troll doll. The obsession, of course, didn’t stop there. The Trollies video only fed it.

RT and Cherry play host to a bevy of Troll pals, like a weather reporter, traffic reporter, and endless music video stars. The music featured were all really out-of-date covers, but that just adds to the beauty of this VHS find.


The MVP in this video, despite having only 5 seconds of air time, is the sax playing crab from the Trollies’ cover of “Kokomo”.

My favorite, besides the sax crab, was the main host RT, otherwise known to me as bootleg Joey Ramone Troll.

The Trollies’ “Do Wah Diddy Diddy” cover likely influenced my life more than anything else. My parents listened to a lot of oldies music when I grew up and I would sing this song in the exact same cadence as the Trollies cover. And I still do this today.

The Troll puns are strong with this one. “Old Time Rock ‘n’ Troll”. ‘Nuff said.

Also, Trollies are born from acorns, leaving all that weird freaky 50 Shades Troll Sex a mystery to everyone.


Does anyone else think that weird tiger(?) Troll looks like Snarf from ThunderCats?

Well that’s it for this broadcasting day for WTROLL, which is too many letters for a proper station ID, but they’re Trollies, what do you want?

Did you grow up with Trollies? What about a Treasure Trolls obsession? Love ’em? Hate ’em? Leave us a comment below!

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