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Obsession of the Day: Turning Chuck E. Cheese

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In my wonder years, Showbiz Pizza and Chuck E. Cheese were my bread and sauce hang outs of choice.  Along with a few friends, I attempted to relive memories one time shortly after graduating high school, but the experience just wasn’t the same.

My geekdom goes so deep that I don’t realize what’s common knowledge and what’s not about pop culture trivia.  Did you know Chuck E. Cheese was having financial trouble, so Showbiz Pizza bought them out and decided to re-brand every restaurant to the Chuck E. Cheese marketing?  Or is that too dorky to know?  Either way, it’s true and I hadn’t experienced either since the changeover.

I assumed the robotic band would still exist in some form, but not at the particular location I visited.  Instead, the “party room” had a few tiny TV screens with music videos.  One of them was playing this song…

I take pictures of pizza places, too… not!!!
It’s some sort of bizarre not-quite-a-parody take on “Turning Japanese” by The Vapors.  New Clear Days, the debut record by The Vapors, has long been one of my favorite albums.  For the past twelve years or so, I haven’t been able to listen to their biggest hit without singing, “Go to Chuck E. Cheese, I wanna go to Chuck E. Cheese, I really want to.”  Not that I even really want to, though.

Thanks to the magic of the Internet, this can now be stuck in your head for twelve years!  You’re welcome.

FYI:  This is what Chuck E. Cheese is now…


Your 80s childhood: it’s officially over.


  • HOLD ON. Chuck E Cheese is some stringy little “rock n roll” rodent now? Don’t give me scrawny Chuck I mean we all know he lives and works in a pizza joint! Terrible.

  • Goddamn you! GOD DAMN YOU ALL!

  • I think the new Chuck E. is way better than when they changed him into the XTREME-90’s-Barney-colored 5 year-old. The incarnation of Chuck that trumps them all is of course, the Classic 70s/80s Rat Gangster Chuck.

    • MisterZero I have a 1986 Chuck E. Cheese’s Showbiz Pizza Time mug where Chuck looks very dapper in a red hat, vest, and cane. No one messes with him!

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