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On the Scene at Comic-Con 2013

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Pop culture master Adrian Beiting is on the scene at Comic-Con 2013.  I challenged him to send us Ghostbusters and Back to the Future photos.  Not only did he deliver, he got both references in a picture together.  Never doubt the skills of a master.


 Also on the scene is reporter April O’Neil.


This fellow responded to “Darkwing!  Photo?”


We will build the perfect costume piece by piece thanks to Matty Collector.


Looks like those Ecto Goggles would complete this costume!


I need to borrow your… hover board?


Get a load of this guy’s life preserver!


This is “Metal Slimer”.  Love that Power Glove… it’s so bad!


Go go Power Rangers toys!


Collect them all!


 This is a screen cap from the new Sonic game coming out next year.


 Gambit & Rogue are from Double Monocle Cosplay, mon ami… or sugah.


And, of course, there was an E.T. reference…

Thanks again to Adrian for giving us exclusive coverage of Comic-Con!

Photo Credit:  All images courtesy Adrian Beiting.

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