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Orbitz and Independence Day: A Match Made in 90s Heaven

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We’re no stranger to Orbitz here, having uncovered a bottle of Blueberry Melon Strawberry Orbitz, hoarding a flyer for an Orbitz CD offer and rollerblading championship contest, and even taking a trip back in time to look at the official Orbitz.com website before it was a travel company.

And today we present another piece of Orbitz history.


Bringing us back to store shelves, circa 1997. This promo makes the mighty Orbitz bottle look like a caped super hero. And it is.

The short-lived beverage was both so fitting for 1997 and yet so before its time. In an attempt to get some marketing play, Orbitz teamed up with Independence Day to offer a $10 rebate when you purchased both the Independence Day (ID4) video game and “only” 10 bottles of Orbitz (for their caps):



I’m missing nine caps, but I guess that’s okay since this offer expired May 15, 1997.


To 90s this up some more, as you can see on the front of the offer, the ID4 video game was only available on PC, PlayStation, and the Sega Saturn.

Independence Day is sadly missing from my Sega Saturn collection, but this game trailer might help give you some visuals:

According to a press release:

“Clearly Canadian’s new Orbitz Beverage will offer a $10 mail-in rebate with the purchase of the ID4 game and ten bottles of Orbitz (at 60,000 U.S. retail outlets from March 11 through May 15). More than 4 million custom-designed ID4 bottleneck tags and 2.4 million ID4 Orbitz bottle caps will provide details on the mail-in rebate. Orbitz will also support the promotion with in-store signage including static clings, cooler decals and mini-posters. Cross promotions will also run online through the www.foxinteractive.com and www.orbitz.com websites.”

Now of course we need to track down all this signage.

Another media release says the partnership was successful, but that might be Clearly Canadian trying to put a positive spin on things since their beverage did about as well as the game.

“‘We hope this Premiere Series promotion with Fox [offering rebates on such classic films as That Thing You Do, Romeo and Juliet, Courage Under Fire, and Broken Arrow – Linz.] will match the success of our earlier partnership with Fox in March, which featured our Orbitz brand in concert with the launch of the Independence Day videogame. Working on cross-promotions with major entertainment partners such as Fox provides Clearly Canadian massive consumer exposure and strengthens our relationship with key distributors and customer accounts,’ said Douglas Mason, President of Clearly Canadian Beverage Corporation.”

The game itself is about what you imagine for a 1997 PC/PlayStation/Saturn game based on a movie. IGN says:

“The texture-mapped polygons are extremely grainy and undefined, and unappealing to look at, let alone navigate around. There’s also a serious clipping problem which can cause your ship to become trapped in solid objects […] As far as gameplay is concerned, like the movie, it lacks depth.”


With a new Independence Day movie slated for release on June 24, 2016 (Independence Day: Resurgence), can we expect a new video game? If so, which wacky beverage will be promoting it this time around?


We can only hope.


In the meantime, you can always play this browser-based Independence Day video game, released for the 20th Anniversary of the film.

Lastly, I’ll leave you with this beauty. “Computer mission disk”??? I’m in:

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