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Pet Peeves: Tails “Miles” Prower

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We are regular contributors to a modern day web ring, known as The League of Extraordinary Bloggers.  This week’s topic is “pet peeves”.  While the word “peeve” is a peeve-arific on its own, we thought we’d dig a little deeper and discuss something Sega related.  Yes, real deep for us.


Sonic the Hedgehog 3 is an amazing game, even nearly twenty years after its initial release.  The level design is top notch and the graphics were pretty mind blowing for 1994.  Two player stages aside, there really isn’t much to complain about when it comes to Sonic 3.  Well, there is the issue of Tails’ artificial intelligence.

tailscrash01Need him to jump on that badnik?  He can walk right into it and die instead.

Tails is a tag-along character who is programmed to mimic the player’s moves.  In a perfect world, he helps you get a few extra hits on a boss or collect some extra rings.  Mobius ain’t perfect, though, which means Tails is nothing more than trouble.

tailsrock01Need to push that rock?  Don’t worry, Tails is on the scene to push it back toward you! 

Pet peeve?  Sonic 3, Tails.  ‘Nuff said.


When the topic of Pet Peeves came up, we both identified Tails as a major one. In Sonic 3, Tails can be somewhat helpful at times—flying Sonic over small obstacles until he runs out of breath in two seconds (too many chilli dogs, Sonic!), getting extra hits in on Robotnik, all that good stuff.

Sonic 3, however, presented a new world of problems for me. You see, my best friend and I loved playing Sonic 2 together—the split screen games usually. In 1994, Sonic 3 came out and I immediately bought it. It was something new to play with my friend since there was that two-player mode, but one-player was where it was at. We could even save our progress! The problem was that she became obsessed with Sonic 3. Sure, it’s a fine game, but obsession-worthy? Eh.

No lunch for you until you fly my bitchass to the end of the game!

Her obsession progressed from there. Every sleepover, every time she was over or I’d foolishly bring my copy of Sonic 3 over to her place, we’d play Sonic 3. Well, she’d play Sonic 3 and I’d assist as Tails on an as-needed basis. This also meant we did nothing else but play Sonic 3 and my requests for lunch were put off until she beat Robotnik.

The first time Lee ever visited me, my friend came over and beat Sonic 3. Turns out it’s a nice party trick to have.

In closing:


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  • Wow, girls that played Sonic 3! And obsessed about it no less! My best friend and I would have like to have known you back in 1994, sounds like we’d all get along great. 😀

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