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Pop Culture League: Shelfie

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Many of you may remember the League of Extraordinary Bloggers, ran by Brian over at Cool & Collected. The League retired a while back, but was rebooted Monday!

The League has gone through some changes, including a name change to Cool & Collected’s Pop Culture League. Which means we can still call it the League and get away with it.


The first assignment of the rebooted League? Shelfie: Snap a picture of or two of your favorite shelf.

Well, done and done!


I have a lot of shelves in my house, full of pop culture goodness. The majority of my house is occupied by my retro gaming collection, amiibo, and Funko Pop figures. The shelves I spend most of my time with, however, are the shelves housing my Terminator action figures and other merchandise.


In front of my books on my office bookshelves, I keep all my Terminator stuff. At the top right, you can also see some E.T. stuff (a couple blindbag E.T. figures Lee gave me, an E.T. for Atari cube, and my E.T. plush doll wearing Jayne’s hat). The second shelf has a metal Pop Rewind logo my dad had made for me, as well as a Universal Japan lanyard and a crystal Terminator skull keepsake from Lee’s travels to Universal Japan.


My Terminator figures have spilled over onto a second bookcase. That Terminator mug is really awesome, and I would use it, but it smells like toxic paint. I washed it (and re-washed it with vinegar), and it still smells like I’ll get cancer immediately after drinking out of it.

Elsewhere in the League…

The Stunt Zombie showcases a sweet selection of action figures.

G.I. Jigsaw shows off some Star Wars swag.

Jathniel doesn’t have everything on shelves right now, but we can’t wait to see what’s in all those boxes!

IanWells87 Instagrammed it up with an abundance of Wolverine and other goodies!

Green Plastic Squirt Gun’s Funko collection is pretty dang awesome!

Toy Break has a crazy nostalgia explosion! We see you, Muppet Babies Happy Meal Toys!

The Harvey Mercheum shares some pics from an awesome display at the library… really putting every other library to shame!

The Nerd Nook has some great MOC figures we’re pretty jealous of. But dat E.T. collection… yas!

Scotch and Spacemen has all the Gremlins things. And it is glorious.

Mr. Smith’s Plastic Bubble has some seriously sweet collections, including Transformers! And of course a couple bad-ass birds.

Hey, show us your shelfies, why dontcha!


I am definitely digging the T2 collection. It's one of my all-time favorite movies, so I'm a little sad I still haven't picked up any of those sweet NECA figures yet. 

I love that sign your dad made. Looks like he's quite handy. 


Nice! That metal logo your dad gave you looks like it might slide in perfectly as an arcade cabinet's marquee.


I saw the hat in the upper left corner of the top picture, and the firefly quote and episode sprang right to my mind


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