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Pop Rewind 2016 Year in Review

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Listen, we know 2016 wasn’t great. We’re not even going to touch that. Instead, we’re going to look back at all of the shenanigans we’ve taken part in over the past year.

We recorded a bunch of podcasts, hosted Terminator Week (and did our first giveaway!), judged two contests for ReroDaze, collaborated with Rediscover the 80s on #80sValentines, Lee went to Japan for BTTF reasons, and Linz stayed in Canada to encode VHS tapes and upload clips to YouTube.


Things got heated like a pizza oven on Pop Rewind Podcast: Pizza Time. Many said Linz was wrong for her pizza toppings, but it turns out Deadpool/Wade Wilson orders the same thing. Eat that.


We teamed up with Rediscover the 80s for 10 More ’80s-Themed Valentines We’d Like to Receive.

And if that wasn’t enough, we also presented Moon Tiara… Valentines? Sailor Moon Valentine’s Day Cards for Your Loved Ones!

As always, we need more 80s in our life, so Lee dug this one up: Not 80s Enough: Beverly Hills Cop Theme Performed by Floppy Disk Drives.

We had a great time as judges for the Fourth Annual RetroDaze Article Writing Contest! Great work to all who entered!


Linz celebrated the 25th anniversary of Perfect Strangers with Perfect Strangers Recipes: Mypos Salad and Mypos Mojito with Cousin Larry Appleton Rum

After the trailer for the new Ghostbusters movie dropped, we had to take a look at it in: Pop Rewind Podcast: Ghostbusters (2016) Movie Trailer Reaction.


Lee did some investigative work and Here’s What Allegedly Happened to Eddie Munster.

Linz got some video editing software and this happened: Missy “Misdemeanor” Elliott for Rolos.

Lee got a little cheeky on April Fool’s Day with Back to the Future Part IV Trailer.


Does it get more 90s? Orbitz and Independence Day: A Match Made in 90s Heaven.

One of Lee’s many obsessions this year included Weird Paul. Obsession of the Day: Peanut Butter Recall.

Linz made yet another impassioned plea to the Combos people: The Argument for a Combos Dip.


No foolin’, Lee really went to Japan to ride Back to the Future: The Ride one last time before it officially closed. So of course we had to do a podcast about it. Pop Rewind Podcast: Back to the Future Time Travel in Japan.

That time Linz discovered her mom’s homemade ear plugs were not great. That Time My Mom Stuffed Silly Putty in My Ears.


Who knew the Crypt Keeper could get down and funky! The Crypt Keeper Can Rap Around You Like a Mummy.

Garfield? Ghostbusters? Ghostbusters? Garfield? Lee shows us The Real Garfield Busters.

Bottoms up! We celebrated Ghostbusters with Ghostbsters 2016 Stay Puft Marshmallow S’Mores Cocktail & Shot!

Linz and Lee celebrated the 25th anniversary of Terminator 2 with Terminator Week! Here’s the breakdown:

Terminator Party Recipes: Endoskeleton Chocolates, T-1 Too Many Cocktail, and Glowing Jell-O Shots!

Terminator Meets School House Rock.

Super Mario Maker: Terminator Style. You can play the level on your Wii U!

The Terminator Name Generator.

The Last Image I Made in Windows 98.

Teminator Endoskeleton NECA Figure Giveaway. Congratulations to Ben of!


What could be better than Gremlins and ALF? Gremlins and ALF… The Ride???

Following up on our Ghostbusters Trailer podcast episode is Pop Rewind Podcast: Ghostbusters Answer The Call Review.

August also saw the return of The League of Extraordinary Bloggers, now called Cool & Collected’s Pop Culture League. We’ve slacked a lot, but we still have fun with it. Unfortunately, in December, the League closed its doors again, but we’re hopeful for a revival.

Lee remembers 90s Moments You Forgot: Do the Bartman!

This year saw the return of a few things we thought we’d never taste again, so we took a look at 6 Dead Beverages that Have Been Resurrected.

Sort of, indeed! Sonic the Hedgehog: The Movie: Base on the Game: Well, Sort of.


Jim Carrey’s The Mask: A Proud Part of Ontario’s School Curriculum? Short answer: it was for Linz. That’s why she’s so smart at the book learnin’

A trip through our ebay feedback history is a dark place indeed. Pop Rewind Podcast: Online Auction Habits


Whoa, we somehow had two podcasts this month?!

Pop Rewind Podcast: Remember Trick or Treating

Pop Rewind Podcast: Toys We Never Had

When we weren’t busy podcasting, Lee watched on as Weird Al Hosts ALTV


Things got really, really weird in Linz’s life as she spent too much time Celebrating 17 Years of Chris Gaines


We were honoured to serve as judges for the RetroDaze Christmas Article Contest 2016. There was a great mix of entries, some heartwarming, some sad, some educational, and some really fun! Congratulations to Mick Yarber on his winning entry: 1986: The Year That Santa Became Real.

And finally, we have a battle of the weirdest PSAs: Canada vs. the U.S. in Pop Rewind Podcast: PSA Party.

Thanks again to YOU for another great year from us here at Pop Rewind! Looking forward to many more years of entertaining, interacting, and being general weirdos in our pop culture nostalgia journey!

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