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Pop Rewind Podcast: Childhood Birthdays

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In this episode of the Pop Rewind Podcast, Lee and Linz look back at birthday parties from their childhood. Presents, games, general shenanigans… we’ve got it all. Linz talks a little too much about her Barbies while Lee tries not to get grounded (again) on his birthday.

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Mentioned in this Episode

Linz once made Back to the Future Hoverboard Cookies and you can too!

From her head to her toes… Baby Grows! Good luck getting that out of your head.

Ah, the infamous Baby Grows (or as Linz called it: Baby Grows Big). Creepy, yes, but at least it didn’t make any noise. Oh hey, what’s this?

Linz with Baby Grows, both sporting “my mom cut my hair”-style cuts. Also: dat outfit?

Lee’s creepy Teddy Ruxpin birthday song video. Hey, remember when no one could use the Happy Birthday song so we ended up with all this weird birthday crap? Good times!


Don’t forget to vote in this episode’s poll: What’s the better birthday food? Pizza or birthday cake? Let us know at @PopRewindOnline on Twitter: #TeamLee for Pizza, #TeamLinz for birthday cake.


Lee recommends not putting coins in the birthday cake and not getting grounded at your own 6th birthday party. Wise words.

Linz recommends Canadian Rainbow Bits (Funfetti) cake, because Lee reports that the Funfetti cake in the U.S. is crap now. Also, adults: you can buy and eat your own ice cream cake whenever you want. Hey, my pants don’t fit anymore…

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