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Pop Rewind Podcast: Ghostbusters Answer The Call Review

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A lot of your favorite bloggers were quick to comment on the new Ghostbusters film. Not us! We’ve given it a lot of though since opening weekend and dive deep into what we got out of it.


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We referenced this Ivan Reitman interview throughout the episode.

Lee has some issues…

I may have overdone it a bit on the Ecto Cooler order… #ectocooler #ghostbusters #heman

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…serious issues…

My #ectocooler supply is starting to rival my Y2K stockpile. #ghostbusters

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But a lack of Ecto Cooler ain’t one.


Baby Spookums vs. Plumbus. Same thing? You decide! Wait, we already did. Pretty sure they’re the same thing.

In other news, Lee unearthed a rare Ghostbusters 2016 trailer:

Do you think the new Ghostbusters movie answered the call? Got anything positive to say about it?  Because the negative stuff has pretty much been covered everywhere else…


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