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Pop Rewind Podcast: PSA Party

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In this episode of the Pop Rewind Podcast, our fearless leaders battle against each other in a PSA Party! Get it? Like Pizza Party… PEEE-SAAAH Party? We’re here all week!

Lee and Linz battle to the death over which country has the most ridiculous Public Service Announcement commercials. Will it be #TeamLee representing America with a Gilbert Gottfried smoke alarm, Sinbad condom, and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles telling you to say no to drugs? Or will it be #TeamLinz reppin’ Canada with Elmer the Safety Elephant celebrating kids not getting hit by cars, hockey-playing teeth, and a very special cameo from a very special member of the Midnight Society? YOU DECIDE. Let us know on Twitter at @PopRewindOnline!


Download or stream from Soundcloud:


Heck, it’s even on iTunes!


Mentioned in this Episode

You might want to follow along with some of these PSAs, so we’ve put together a playlist:

Lee’s favorite Don’t Copy that Floppy-face:


And of course… Elmer the Safety Elephant!



Photo ganked from The Friends of Louis Ferreira.


Two contenders enter the arena, only one will reign victorious! Be sure to hit us up on Twitter at @PopRewindOnline and vote #TeamLee for the American PSAs or #TeamLinz for the vastly superior Canadian ones.

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