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Pop Rewind Podcast: Riding The Wienermobile

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By some twisted miracle, Lee’s ultimate dream came true: a ride in the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile! Linz has a lot of questions about this experience. We’re posting this episode today in honor of National Hot Dog Day 2017. So, grab your favorite condiments and hop aboard for a vicarious tour of the Wienermobile this time on the Pop Rewind Podcast.

Download or stream from Soundcloud:

Heck, it’s even on iTunes!


Mentioned in this Episode:

Judge Reinhold!

Cheddar Cheese Elise and Dijon Dom with the “Music to Eat Oscar Mayer Wieners By” LP!

The Wienermobile in all of its glory.

The Wienermobile app, to help you track the Wienermobile across the country, is available in the Google Play store and on iTunes!


So what do you guys like on your hot dog? Let us know! And vote on Twitter at @PopRewindOnline: #TeamLilLindseyLinks for Mustard and #TeamChiLee for Ketchup! Don’t forget, it’s all #ForTheLoveofHotDogs, so keep it clean!

And hey, do you have a hot dog name? We’d love to hear it!

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