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Pop Rewind Podcast: Scary Books and Stuff

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This time on the Pop Rewind Podcast, Linz and Lee reminisce about how much Goosebumps and Unsolved Mysteries scared them as children… and adults. We also call on R.L. Stine to answer a 27 year-old mystery: what “Weird Al” album did Pete buy Melissa in the book Haunted?!

Heck, it’s even on iTunes, Google Play, and Stitcher!

Mentioned in this Episode:

The best worst Goosebumps? It’s The Haunted Mask!

Ok, R.L., so what “Weird Al” album was it in Haunted?

Read more about YTV’s Dark Night over on blogTO: That time when Halloween was the Dark Night.

Freaky Stories!

More spooky stories… our pal The Holidaze uploaded the story of The Green Ribbon from In a Dark, Dark Room:

Linz still hasn’t seen the new IT movie, but wants to based solely on Dinosaur Dracula and The Sexy Armpit’s mention of the amount of New Kids on the Block jokes in it on this episode of The Purple Stuff Podcast!


Check out Lee’s Interview with author David Lubar!

Did my first Gameboy mod this weekend with success! White bivert backlight with custom case and buttons. Super Mario Land has never been better. #gameboy #dmg #mario

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Also, Lee really got into modding Game Boys!

As for Linz’s recommendations, be sure to check out the My Favorite Murder and Teen Creeps podcasts!


Alright guys and gals: What’s better: Goosebumps or Fear Street? #TeamLee for Goosebumps or #TeamLinz for Fear Street! Vote on Twitter at @PopRewindOnline!

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  • YESSSSSSS!!!! I totally forgot about Dark Night!!!!! When Halloween was on a school day, we would always race home and throw the Zone on to follow the PJ’s along (Phil was awesome, liked Paul too and my viewing followed him to CMT when he moved there. I thought Katie was gorgeous!) with whatever hilarity ensued. You didn’t care about the shows on (I mean that is saying a lot since Uh-oh and Pokemon were on for example) and you’d almost want to miss trick or treating – it was that good. Mind you YTV at that time was simply amazing in that rare way that something becomes generational. Will definitely be checking out to see if I can find any old episodes online for this halloween.
    How about a pod to discuss the Game Boy mod?? I have been thinking of doing this to one of my original ones, as well as an LED conversion for my game gear. Would love to hear any advice or suggestions!!!!!!

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