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Pop Rewind Podcast: Sonic Mania Mania

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Linz and Lee quit their jobs and play Sonic Mania. Not really. But almost. Anyway, Sonic Mania is actually good and we’re just as surprised as you are. Join us for Sonic Mania, but stay for other Sonic-related conversations.

Download or stream from Soundcloud:

Heck, it’s even on iTunes!


Mentioned in this Episode:

Sonic Mania: “It’s actually good!” — Lee & Linz.

The Sonic Cycle. Werehogs, yo. Werehogs.

Lee broke Sonic Mania. This is why we can’t have nice things.


Linz recommends the Why Are You Listening to This? Podcast and also hanging out with the hosts and finding a bunch of old buttons at Value Village.

And go get you a copy of The Power of Glove documentary about the Nintendo Power Glove!

Lee recommends seeing the Rock-afire Explosion! But you probably can’t, so enjoy Lee’s videos on Instagram:

#rockafireexplosion #kystatefair Firework!!!

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Hmmm… a mutli-part poll? We’d love to hear from YOU on a few things! Vote on Twitter at @PopRewindOnline: #TeamLinz if you’re more into Sonic and #TeamLee if you like Mario better!

Be sure to let us know your thoughts on the Sonic Cope situation. Why did Spring Yard Zone Say Cope?
Do you call Sonic Rings Rings, Coins, or Pennies?
Lastly, what did you think of the Drop Dash feature in Sonic Mania?

Phew! Well, thanks for listening. And reading. BYEEEEEE!

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