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PopRewind Podcast: Annual Pop Rewind Podcast Halloween Movie Spectacular (APRPHMS)

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On a very festive episode of the Pop Rewind Podcast, Linz and Lee talk about their favorite Halloween movies– that is, not necessarily movies about Halloween, but scary movies we enjoy watching during the season. Is that too complicated? Maybe, but we’ve been listening to the Serial podcast lately so read this whole entry as if it’s read by the host of that show.

A disclaimer: Linz isn’t very good with movies so there’s lots she hasn’t seen (including Friday the 13th… she’s also worried about the shit we’re going to get for our comments about Friday the 13th. Listen with caution) and somehow Lee hasn’t seen quite a few of these scary movies. Well, it’s like not they were called Back to the Future the 13th, so maybe it’s no mystery why he never saw them. Rest assured, we make some stellar scary movie recommendations for your eyeholes.

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Mentioned in the episode:

Lee mentions The Refrigerator and isn’t sure if it’s real. It is. It’s from 1991 and you can watch the full thing thanks to the magic of bootleggers on YouTube.

The opening sequence for Coachergeist. Craig T. Nelson stars in this hilarious sitcom about a football coach who lives in a haunted house.

Linz talks about her favorite horror movie, Waxwork. Unfortunately its sequel, Waxwork II, isn’t so great. Well, besides an amazing Bruce Campbell cameo, that is. Watch it above and save yourself the trouble of sitting through the full thing.

You need to watch Daffy Duck’s Quackbusters, if only for Mel Torme as Daffy performing “Monsters Lead Such Interesting Lives”.


Don’t forget to vote in our poll! Which is better: Freddy or Jason? #TeamFreddy for Lee’s option of Freddy, or #TeamJason for Linz’s option of Jason, even though Lee stole Freddy. We both look forward to Freddy winning.



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