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PopRewind Podcast: Back to the Future Time Travel In Japan

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In a clever twist, Lee becomes the guest in this podcast as Linz questions him about his trip to Japan.  Of course, he took a time travel detour for one last ride on Back to the Future at Universal Studios Japan. We forgot to do a poll this time, so just vote #TeamLee. You all would anyway.

Check it out on SoundCloud:

Or YouTube:

Heck, even iTunes carries this great podcast

In case you want to go on your own time traveling adventure, here’s a simulated version of Back to the Future The Ride:

If you don’t follow us on Instagram, you missed Lee’s vacation slideshow. Here’s some highlights:

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In other news, Lee unearthed a rare Ghostbusters 2016 trailer…

And Linz has been uploading commercials like a mofo. Here’s Tower from American Gladiators:

Be sure to check out Lee’s travel campanion Matt @ArcadeCrusade! And shout-outs to our Twitter pals Stingray_Travel and TheSewerDen for BTTF The Ride and Japan lovin’!

Did you get to ride Back to the Future The Ride one last time? What are some of your BTTF The Ride memories?

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