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PopRewind Podcast: Early Internetting

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This time on the PopRewind Podcast, Lee and Linz talk their early Internet adventures, early Internet adoption, and how the only times they got in trouble were due to geek-related reasons. Oh:( Join us in this trek back to the 90s and early 2000s when the Internet was a playground that didn’t include adding your mom on Facebook. Because that didn’t exist. And she didn’t know what the Internet was. We also discuss newer Internet stuff that we don’t understand, which makes us kind of feel old.  Remember when you had to pay for the Internet by the hour?  Yikes.

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In the podcast, we ask: How do you say FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)? Linz says “Eff-Eh-Cue” and Lee says “FACK”. What about you?

We also talk about AOL Disk Art Exhibits and how that should be a thing… but it probably already is. And we were right! If you Google “AOL Disk Art Exhibits” you get lots of hits. But this one is really neat.

Also, here’s some more on the “What is an Internet?” segment:

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Opening theme – Nordloef, “Trick and/or Treat (the candy raid is on!)”

Closing theme – MC Firedrill, “SNES – Yes”

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