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Post’s Sega Game Tips VHS

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While looking for something else on VHS, I ran across my copy of Post’s Sega Game Tips Video. As a disclaimer: the 90s were weird.


For some reason I have this classic from 1994 on VHS. In my youth, I pretended to enjoy eating Alpha-Bits cereal in order to collect all the Animaniacs POGs. My mom kept buying it and I couldn’t tell her that I faked liking a cereal because of the prizes—then there’d be no cereal and it’d be back to Cream of Wheat for me. I had to forge ahead with Alpha-Bits as my #1 cereal. Luckily their sweet promos didn’t end at Animaniacs and there was apparently some Sega VHS tie-in. I don’t know, but I own it.

Luckily someone else put this up on YouTube and saved me from having to deal with a VCR.

I’m glad the most boring cereals were on hand to shove into this video. I realize Post doesn’t have anything as exciting as Cap’n Crunch or Cinnamon Toast Crunch, but did they have to push Sugar Crisp so much?


Our host is Michael B., a mix of Jay of Jay and Silent Bob and early 90s Donnie Wahlberg, comin’ atcha straight from his kitchen, snooch to the nooch!

Michael also brings us the biggest news in video game action, including an Alpha-Bits Sneak Peek into the future of Sega’s 32X game play. Spoiler alert from the future: didn’t do so well.

Part one not enough for you? Don’t worry, the video is continued!

Who eats that much cereal—oh wait… Jay and Donnie Wahlberg from the 90s.

Oh good, thanks for the tips on how to get the first emerald in Spinball. Yeah, that was a difficult move. I guess that’s slightly better than the tips for Sonic & Knuckles, which were basically “play the game!”


Michael B. goes over what’s popular in the Honeycomb Top 10 charts worldwide. Canada is first, which makes me wonder—is the Great White North responsible for this abomination? Does a Canadian actor over-acting in order to sound American explain this weird stoner Bostonian accent? On behalf of my country… I’m so sorry.

And a straight up Honeycomb commercial right in the middle of this video? No one is wondering about the secret to Honeycomb’s alleged great taste. No one.

world-of-segaOh god, we are responsible for this.

I don’t know what just happened, but I really want a bowl of cereal.

If that’s not enough for you, welcome to the next level—the following year, Lunchables put together this handy Sega Game Tips Video with the worst acting ever seen:

If you like long shitty intros rife with 90s technology, you’ve come to the right VHS tape.

Overall, I enjoy the Post video more, but I like eating cheese and crackers much better than I like eating cereal. Clear winner: Lunchables. I sure hope mom bought the one with Capri-Sun and Kit-Kat!

Did you pick up any tips in these videos? Which one do you prefer? Leave us a comment!


  • Great post. They had some avenues of getting tips and guides for games back then whether it was a hotline, magazine, video, or mail-away. Those video hosts are something else though!

  • This is now. My favorite site. Ever.

  • I first saw this video back when it came out. I had no idea until now that not only was it Canadian but in the same province as where I reside. It was actually thanks to it that I know about the 32X, Sonic Spinball, Sonic and Knuckles, Ecco and Dynamite Headdy. All of which were games I tried playing using the very tips. Holy fuck were they hard regardless. But the host was funny especially when he threatened Sugar Bear with a bomb and got tackled by a football player. And while I understand you don’t like the cereal I fucking loved Alphabets and Honeycomb. I grew up on those cereals. Not so much Sugar Crisp though, but they had catchy commercials. My only disappointment was that it was only one video. I would have loved to see a series even if it was short lived.

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