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Relic Cellular Telephone

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That’s the battery on the right.

Ring… ring… ring… Before the days of apps and speed dial, there was this Motorola cellular telephone.  Most commonly referred to as the “Zack Morris Phone”, this device calls for the attention of every passerby.  Many would consider it bulky by today’s standards, but I argue that it can fit in one’s pocket with some effort.

This phone is as tall as a DVD case and as wide as a Simpsons box set.  Weighing in at only a mere four pounds, almost anyone can channel the massive power Motorola offers customers.  Unfortunately, it’s increasingly rare to find analog service for these phones since everything went digital.

Go ahead, use your touch screen phone and laugh at the absurdity of yesteryear’s technology.  For cellular telephone users of the 1980s, there was just something so satisfying knowing you could break almost anything just by throwing your phone at it (walnuts, windows, etc.).

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