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Ren & Stimpy Button Pack

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Trips to those discount department stores (like Target in the U.S. or Zellers in Canada) were rather boring for us as kids, but if we were good, we would totally get a treat. Now that is some fantastic bribery. When parents needed to get their little rug rats something cheap to get them to shut up, those 3-button value packs were a pretty decent choice. This is one of those button packs.

Produced in 1993 by Trends International, this button pack serves as a small sampler pack of the larger Ren & Stimpy posters the company produced. I had (and still possibly have) the Who Cut the Cheese and the bubble bath posters. It always amused me that Stimpy’s gas mask was labelled “Gask Mask” on the Who Cut the Cheese one.

Trends International is still around, but I couldn’t find any button packs on their website. It’s a sad time for Trends International, now that it’s no longer the 1990s and jean jackets covered in merchandising buttons are way out of style. I guess kids these days just get stickers or Justin Bieber posters.

Did you have any sweet button packs? Leave us a comment about them below!

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