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Retro in the Wild: Notepads, Haircuts, and TMNT?

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When you live life like a nostalgia blogger, you’re exposed to lots of retro items on a daily basis. From my computer, without turning my head, I see a Stay Puft Marshmallow Man poster, Thomson Twins 45 sleeve for “Doctor Doctor”, a printout of the New Coke label, E.T. keychain, picture of JEM, Nintendo Power tattoos, and an ALF trading card. And that’s only in my direct field of vision, I have a whole room/house filled with this crap.

For the regular Joe (or for any nostalgia enthusiasts whose collections have met the wrath of a partner that doesn’t understand), you can’t just drink out of a Showbiz Pizza mug every morning while wearing a Rubix Cube pajama shirt. For these people, and even us, finding pieces of unexpected nostalgia out in the wild is a real thrill.

While out and about, I found a few of these surprise retro moments that I thought I’d share with you in our first installment of Retro in the Wild.


While in Dollarama, a Canadian dollar store (a Loonie Shoppe?) I came across these “retro” notebooks. They had ones done in the style of the old ground TVs, but of course when I went back in with a camera this was the only style they had left—like YARS Revenge crapped all over the place. Either way, I like that it has 80 sheets of paper and I’m totally digging the fonts. Time to write up my grocery list on this retro paper—Pudding Roll-Ups, Ecto Cooler, Crystal Pepsi… tonight we eat like kings!


Next up is The Cutting Edge, a hair cutting place that may or may not be open. I never paid any attention to it, despite the fact that I saw it (and still see it) almost every day. It wasn’t until Lee first visited me a decade ago that I really noticed it. He wants one of those haircuts on the sign and luckily I’ve managed to keep him away from this place. The font is killer, as are those radical hairstyles, but I don’t think he’d be allowed back here if he went home with pink highlights and those gnarly shades.


Lastly is the piece de resistance. A car shop at a busy intersection I pass by on the way to work is famous for their pop culture sculptures. I never paid too much attention (noticing a theme?) until I looked over while at the stop light a few weeks back and saw Raphael from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! If seeing a Raphael constructed out of car parts at 8:35 a.m. (because I’m always late for work) doesn’t make life worth living, then I’m really not sure what does.

Hope you enjoyed this first installment of Retro in the Wild! Do you have any surprise nostalgia encounters in your everyday life? Make sure you leave us a comment and send in some photos!


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