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Retro Recipe: Awful Waffle

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Who didn’t want to spend a summer with Donkey Lips at Camp Anawana?  Salute Your Shorts was a TV show that served as a voice for awkward kids everywhere.  The show did a perfect job depicting what happens when a hodgepodge of kids are stuck at camp, which I realize as an adult is not that different from work.

If you remember one thing about this show, it’s the threat of an Awful Waffle.  You probably can’t remember exactly what it is, though, as that was always sort of left to viewers imaginations.  Still, that’s no reason we can’t flip it into a retro recipe!


One store brand frozen waffle (One of those hotel breakfast waffles will work in a pinch)



Heat and eat

Yeah, pretty awful indeed.  While the Awful Waffle on the show was actually some type of torture, you may feel the same kind of punishment eating the results of this recipe.

Also, apparently this happened:

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