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Saturday Morning Recap: Vol. 123

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Remember when Saturday mornings were worth getting up for? While we can’t provide a four-hour block of programming, here’s some retro news you may have missed (or simply want to revisit) from the past week.

Saturday Morning Programming:

Darkwing Duck… when there’s trouble-ya call D-Double-ya!



Deleted Mall Scene Shows X-Men: Apocalypse Could’ve Been So Much Better.


When X-Men Villain Mister Sinister Will First Appear.


Celebrate The 40th Anniversary of ‘Carrie’ With A 1970s Prom & Cast Reunion. What could possibly go wrong?



Not Pop Rewind-related necessarily, but Linz is pretty broken up about the Great British Bake Off drama as Mel and Sue quit:(

While The Rocky Horror Picture Show television series premieres October 21 on Fox, you can listen to the first full song up above.

Video Games:

It's getting serious now. #pokemongo #magikarp #pokemon #videogames #90s #pokemonbuddy #splash

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Pokemon Go introduced the Buddy System in their latest update. Shiz just got real.

In Case You Missed It:


Linz watched That Time Phil Collins Watched a Man Watch a Man Drown in A Michelob Beer Commercial.



Rediscover the 80s gives us 6 More Games and Apps That Explode With Vibrant 80s Flair.


Toy Tales Weekly: Toy Hall of Fame Finalists Edition.

A couple YouTube channels we enjoy have been killin’ it lately with all the awesome commercials and old Late Night with Conan O’Brien clips they’re uploading. Be sure to check out Rewind Eats the Tape:

and Analog Indulgence:

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