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Saturday Morning Recap: Vol. 13

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Remember when Saturday mornings were worth getting up for? While we can’t provide a four-hour block of programming, here’s some retro news you may have missed (or simply want to revisit) from the past week.

Saturday Morning TV:

Who’s the grossest of them all? Better watch this episode of Beetlejuice to find out!


Only a mere 23 years after the first Father of the Bride movie and 19 years after Father of the Bride II, Father of the Bride III will apparently be a thing. Steve Martin is denying his involvement. Yeah, we’ll see.

Because the other Scooby Doo movies were masterpieces.

Today in reboot news, Scooby Doo gets a reboot. Reboot reboot reboot. Why do I have to keep writing about reboots. The only thing that could save this is a ReBoot reboot, which was supposed to happen but I don’t think ever did. Reboot.


The Powerpuff Girls are set to return to the Cartoon Network in 2016.

Video Games:


The world’s largest video game collection recently sold for $750,250. Good on that dude and his new Scrooge McDuck room of gold.


Looks like there’s a new E.T. burial site, but this time it’s for iCarly 2 on the DS.


Exclusive look at “Weird Al”‘s new album!

“Weird Al” Yankovic’s new album, Mandatory Fun, will be released July 15, 2014.

In Case You Missed It:


Lee was horrified that Linz had never seen an episode of The Adventures of Pete & Pete, so he listed the 7.5 Must-See Episodes of The Adventures of Pete & Pete for her to get started.


Linz bought a book about The Terminator and now she won’t shut up about it.



You know we love the Rediscover the 80s’ Weekly Links! And we know you love them, too!



Casey Kasem passed away on June 15 at the age of 82. I’m sure we all grew up listening to his countdown on the radio and even watching the television version for a couple seasons. His well-known voice and passion will stay with us for a long while.

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